Warehouse Item: Pirate Daydream Catcher

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Warehouse Item: Pirate Daydream Catcher

Warehouse Item: This product will no longer be offered in our store. These are in new condition with no known flaws. We are clearing out our Daydream Catchers so we can offer a cohesive collection of products in our shop. Quantities are limited. No returns accepted on warehouse items. 

At Talk For Me Tees we are Daydreamers. We want our little ones to dream big, and reach for the stars. Our Daydream Catchers will help your children set goals and take steps to become what they daydream about! 

How do they work? First you'll pick a set, and choose a daydream. Next you choose a reward, and write it in the designated circle (Shhh, this part is a surprise, so don't tell). Place the scratch off sticker over the reward. Hang your Daydream Catcher on a door knob, and use the daily goal stickers to mark off each designated daily goal spot. Once your child has marked all the daily goal spots, let them scratch off the sticker to reveal their reward!! 

Each set comes with:
- 2 Double Sided Large Door Hangers (11 1/2" x 4")
- 4 Scratch Off Stickers
- 1 Sheet of Daily Goal Stickers

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