green fleece food allergy awareness hoodie for children
child in shark graphic food allergy awareness hoodie

Kelly Green Fleece Hoodie with Food Allergy Alert Shark Graphic

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When there's a chill in the air this soft green hoodie will protect your kiddo from the weather, and from foods that can trigger their food allergies. Avoid those awkward moments in the checkout line at the store or at Uncle Fred's house when someone offers your child a food that they can't have. Let our shark tell everyone upfront, I have a food allergy. No more prying that unwanted treat from their little fingers and no more disappointment when you have to take away that cookie. In this hoodie they will feel cool, and you will feel more secure allowing them to be a part of everyday events. The hoodies are soft and well constructed, made by Rabbit Skins and the graphic is exclusive to Talk For Me Tees.

Rabbit Skins sizing chart

         AGE    HEIGHT (IN) WEIGHT (LBS)

2T     1-2      33-35             28-30

4T     3-4      39-41             34-39

5/6T  5-6      42-45             39-49


child in shark graphic food allergy awareness hoodie
food allergy awareness shark graphic