Santa Claus Christmas Food Allergy Awareness Tee xxsm (2), xsm (4), sm (6/8)

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Green food allergy awareness santa claus graphic
christmas santa claus food allergy awareness graphic
child wearing food allergy awareness santa claus graphic

 Our latest graphic features a whimsical Santa and a powerful message.  Children with food allergies face a unique challenge during the holidays. Everywhere they go the food will be plentiful and while that is something most children look forward too for those with food allergies it can be difficult and dangerous.  That is where our fun little Santa will step in and become a voice for food allergy awareness.  For those little ones too small to explain their food allergy the tee will do the talking and for those older kids who would rather not always have to explain their food allergy it will be an easy way to avoid all those awkward situations that interfere with the joy of the class parties, family gatherings and neighborhood get togethers.  No one can mistake the point of the message Careful Santa, I Have a Food Allergy. Let Santa bring you a gift this Christmas...peace of mind! Printed on a  Kavio brand tee.

Kavio Size Chart

Sizes XXS
Chest 11-3/4" 13-1/4" 14-3/4" 16-1/4" 17-3/4" 18-3/4"
F.L. HPS 15-1/2" 18-1/2" 20-3/4" 22-3/4" 24-3/4" 26-3/4"
Chest 20"-22" 23"-24" 25-27" 28"-30" 31"-33" 34"-35"
Height 33"-36" 37"-42" 45-54" 55"-59" 60"-62" 63"-64"
F.L.HPS = Front Length High Point Shoulder

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