Autism Yorkie 12" Support Stuffie

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Autism Yorkie 12"  Support Stuffie
Autism Yorkie 12"  Support Stuffie
Autism Yorkie 12"  Support Stuffie
Trained and waiting to be adopted your companion support dog stuffie will come prepared to accompany you on allergist visits, OIT treatments, or unexpected emergency room visits. It will also sit quietly and listen to your concerns, snuggle on your lap and curl up beside you at night! It will become your best friend. It will come with it's own little food allergy service dog vest and a certificate of ownership.

This stuffed Yorkie is a realistic stuffed dog that features top quality fabrics and excellent craftsmanship. This yorkie stuffed animal measures eleven inches long and features breed specific colors and markings that are unbelievably authentic. An undeniably adorable face and multicolored plush coat combine to make this plush yorkie an excellent gift for hardcore yorkie fans. The durable construction makes it a fantastic playmate that can withstand years of enjoyable adventures. It is made with all new child safe materials, is rigorously tested for quality assurance, and meets or exceeds both the U.S. Government and the voluntary Toy Safety Standards

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